Cleaning the Lungs Medical QiGong

This very simple to execute qigong is recommended for general lung health, and especially for those suffering from asthma, and emphysema

On average, most people only use a fraction of their lung cells in regular breathing.  Qigongs in general increase your oxygen intake and utilization.  When this intake of energy is more than what is expended in normal daily functions, the excess can be used to heal and strengthen the bodymind.

There are qigong routines for many purposes, the one presented here is specifically for cleaning the lungs.  It is considered a medical restorative practice.  Its advantage is that it is extremely simple to do, and requires no knowledge of acu-points.

Lung Cleaning Qigong

Step 3 in Lung Cleaning Qigong

1. Start out with feet shoulder width apart, stand up straight but do not lock the knees, eyes look straight ahead, arms placed naturally at your sides.  Take a moment to relax.  If standing is a problem, you can do this exercise sitting down.

2.  Repeat the following 3 times:  As you exhale, bend your upper body forward until you are about parallel to the floor.   Imagine that you are touching your abdomen to your back.  Then straighten your body and breathe in naturally.  This stimulates the diaphragm and improves its elasticity.

3.  From the upright position, lean back slightly while extending both arms slightly back while inhaling through your nose.  While extending the arms, expand your lungs as much as possible, then hold your breath for as long as you can.  Then return to the relaxed upright position as you exhale through your mouth.

When leaning back, make sure you don’t overextend, only lean to the point that you don’t tense up or lose your balance.

This exercise stimulates & trains you to use more of your lungs.  Its particularly effective when done before or after some standing practice.  Do it in the mornings, in the afternoon, and in the evening.  It doesn’t have to be done many times to be effective, just consistently.

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  1. afshinm

    Yes, Loretta, I do agree. It would be wonderful if this were taught not only in senior centers, but also to little kids in grade school.


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