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CordySeng is a highly concentrated herbal extract designed as a flavorful tonic drink. It is designed to be used on its own as an energy tonic and immunomodulating formula.

thismontproThe main ingredient, cordyceps (dong chongxiacao), is considered a tonic and supporting herb that restores energy, promotes longevity and improves quality of life. In the lab, it has been shown to increase natural interferon levels in animal cells. Cordyceps has been shown in recent double-blind controlled studies to play a significant role in increasing energy and aerobic capacity.

Red Ganoderma (ling zhi) contains highly active polysaccharides, which appear to have potent immune regulating effects. It is traditionally used to protect the liver from damage, reduce the symptoms of hepatitis and lower liver enzyme levels. Astragalus (huang qi) and licorice (gancao) have anti-viral and immune potentiating activity; American ginseng (xi yang sheng) and ginger (ganjiang) support digestive functions.


Therapeutic Actions:
1. Addresses fatigue associated with illnesses or during recovery from a severe acute illness or operation
2. Strengthens immune function
3. Useful for chronic bronchitis, asthma and kidney disease
4. Improves athletic performance

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  • A few years ago I was diagnosed with acute tendonitis in my wrist. After multiple cortisone injections, I was told I would need surgery in order to have the use of my wrist again. I decided to look into Chinese Medicine. To my relief, Stephanie was able to alleviate the pain in my wrist fairly quickly and with continued treatments, my wrist was good as new. Although I’ve seen Stephanie for many other aches and pains over the years, my wrist isn’t one of them… I continue to have a pain-free wrist without surgery!

    – R.S

  • I have been going to Laureen for a massage since I was pregnant with my first child 8 years ago. She is wonderful. Very accommodating, and does a great job at listening to your body and making the massage relaxing and restorative. Stephanie has treated my children for asthma 4 years, my daughter started when she was 5 and my son started when he was 4. The results have been amazing. My daughter no longer needs treatments because her lungs have healed and have become strong, I believe as a result of acupuncture.

    – Gwendolyn Holden

  • BayTree people are amazing! They know women’s bodies and how to help us heal and maintain our health. Coming into BayTree Wellness Center is always wonderful — from the warm way you are greeted upon entering to the time out of the “real” world in order to focus on yourself. I highly recommend coming here for issues related to fertility, immune system issues and over all well-being

    – Melissa Hessekiel

  • Dr. Stephanie is great. Very caring and intuitive. She creates a relaxing environment and each time I have felt better. As she gets to know me and my needs, she is able to hone in on the acupuncture points I need for healing.

    – Brien S.

  • I have been a long term “wellness patient” of BayTree Wellness Center – working a very hectic and stressful job. I believe that my preventive treatments at BayTree contribute significantly to my high energy output.

    – Derene